"Claire Valverde tells about strata, lines and shapes vibration, about their interaction in controlled rythm change. They accumulate, join, conjugate and loose contact with an outstanding means reduction".
Frederic Cubas-Glaser, February, 2012                             
My volumes tend to escape from mayfly by the right material choice. They are turning to simplification, wishing to address with sobriety, structure and robustness. The shapes are abstract nevertheless they stress out to speak, to express life moments, to give impressions.
Claire was born in 1946. Studied Plastic Arts at the Beaux Arts School of Versailles and then carried out a further graduated program at the famous Penninghen institute (Ecole supérieure d'arts graphiques). She graduated to be an art professor for High School where she has been teaching for 20 years. She has been living 10 years in Spain and Turkey. Since 2000, she is deeply involved in her sculpture activities (terracotta and more recently steel). She works and exposes in Paris and surroundings.
Claire Valverde-Galbrun
the artist